Awakening Canada’s Economic Advantage

Canada has an incredible economic foundation and unlimited growth potential.  We have a talented and hardworking workforce, vast natural resources, and a diversified economy.  We have a strong and caring society, with a proud history of hard work and entrepreneurism.  Unfortunately, this incredible economic potential is being squandered.

Despite these ingredients for success, Justin Trudeau’s complete mismanagement has stalled our economic growth at just over 1%, and forecasts show further stagnation for the next five years.  As a result, we are losing our ability to fund our military and our education and health care commitments. With Trudeau’s high taxes and corrosive job-killing policies, over 1 million people are out of work, businesses aren’t growing, and many Canadians haven’t had a wage increase in years.

This mismanagement can and must end immediately.

An O’Leary government will take bold and immediate action to grow the economy. The O’Leary Growth Plan will unleash Canada’s economic potential with five growth levers:

  1. Significant Tax Cuts;
  2. Attracting and Retaining Top Talent;
  3. Investing in Productive Infrastructure;
  4. Reducing Regulatory Drag; and,
  5. Unbridling Canada’s National Resource Sectors.

Together, these levers of growth will create jobs, increase wages, put more money in the hands of Canadians, and grow our economy at 3% annually.


Reducing Taxes

Canadians are paying way too much in taxes. When we look south of the border, it is clear that our business and personal taxes are too high. The fact that some people must pay 54 percent of their income to personal taxes is insane. Add in the HST and other provincial and municipal taxes, and it is far too much.  Punitive tax rates stifle work and investment, fuels brain drain and generally makes us uncompetitive.  This must change.

Attracting & Retaining

Top Talent

Canada’s population is aging, and our highly skilled labour force is too small to meet the current and future needs of some of our high-growth sectors.  If this isn’t fixed, we simply cannot grow our economy at levels that we have historically seen in Canada.

Investing in

Productive Infrastructure

Canada needs to invest in infrastructure that creates jobs, and helps the economy grow, not waste our money on pet projects and ribbon cuttings.  Politicians seem to have forgotten they are actually spending our money, not reaching into some bottomless piggy bank.


Regulatory Drag

Justin Trudeau has overseen a tsunami of new regulations on businesses and ordinary Canadians.  These excessive regulations drive up costs, and drive down R&D and job creation.


Canada’s National Resource Sectors

Canada’s natural resource sectors are the cornerstone of our economy.  Energy, mining, forestry, fishing, and agriculture all form the foundation of our competitive advantage. Yet, Trudeau’s unnecessary restrictions on these assets have significantly held back our economic potential.




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