Canada cannot afford another 4 years of Justin Trudeau.

I am a successful Canadian businessman with a great deal of international experience. I have seen first-hand Trudeau’s gross economic mismanagement, and the effect it is having on our country.

Many Canadians were optimistic when Trudeau promised them he would balance the budget by 2019. That is not what happened. Once elected, he broke his promise and put forward a dangerous proposal that is financed through perpetual debt. Now we are being asked to forfeit our children’s futures under the burden of unbalanced budgets for the next 38 years, leaving the country $1.5 trillion in the hole. In this nightmare, Canadians will soon spend the majority of their tax dollars paying interest on money spent long before their time. This is Trudeau’s curse of debt.

Canadians, today and tomorrow, will never have the opportunities their parents had because of this curse.

I will not let that happen.

Now, with the election of Donald Trump to our south, Canada’s largest trading partner is headed by a businessman with an aggressive strategy that could hurt the Canadian economy. Trudeau does not stand a chance, and we deserve better.

Canadians need a Prime Minister with a smart plan to kick start the economy; a Prime Minister who supports small businesses, who will fight for hard working Canadians and stop wasting our money. We need a Prime Minister who is focused on creating jobs.

Canadians are looking for a Prime Minister who is not a career politician; a Prime Minister who will fight for them, and is not afraid to tell them how it is. They also want a Prime Minister who will be inclusive and not lower themselves through divisive politics.

These are the leadership qualities needed to beat Justin Trudeau in the next election.

Since the start of this leadership race I have looked for a candidate with these qualities, but it has become clear that I am the only one that can defeat Trudeau.

I have spent a lifetime fighting on behalf of investors, but the outcome of the next election is too important to the future of our country. I have had enough of Trudeau’s mismanagement, so I have decided to fight for all Canadians. I hope I can count on your support.